A revolutionary tool

It’s magical how simple, can give you a unique feeling and an unforgettable experience. The latest masterpiece :HanSolaris Group.

AbashBoard is software that allows you to manage annotations of images without editing files. Useful during a meeting, conference, or simply relive your photos with friends and relatives.
An absolute essential for your images and photos in a meeting. Show off your patterns, circuits or projects… in short, manage any image in jpg, png or gif.

Choose it. Because in addition to the software assurance :HanSolaris Group, you have an ace up its sleeve that gives a touch of innovation and professionalism to your conference section with a unique graphical interface, intuitive interface that will leave audiences open-mouthed! With AbashBoard your section and you will surely be the best honors feedback of the conference.


Touches, drawing and clears

Semplice come un gesto intuitivo come non mai. AbashBoard rappresenta la nuova frontiera delle annotazioni sulle immagini perché studiata per la tecnologia touch screen in modo da rendere le tue esperienze uniche sul vostro PC.

Your emotions in high definition

It’s really hard to find an application with graphic designed for monitor with Full-HD resolution. AbashBoard is one of those few! Thanks to its versatility, in fact, is a perfect solution to this problem, because it adapts to any resolution of your monitor, making a high definition up to 1920×1200.

Fast, easy, unique…

Many years of experience we have put only the best in AbashBoard for an innovative, unique and indispensable tool. Equipped with an automatic update feature that can notify you of any news you for will not lose anything and keep you always in the forefront on the next feature.

Try it now!

You can already download and try it right away without buying AbashBoard. When you register, you simply select the “Try 1 day” to discover its full potential in full version, as if I had purchased.

We are sure. You will be surprised AbashBoard.

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP or higher
  • Software: .NET Framework 3.5 or higher
  • RAM: 512 Mb or higher
  • CPU: 1 Ghz or higher
  • Monitor: 15″ with resolution 800×600 or higher
  • HD: least 100Mb available
These listed are the minimum requirements to ensure an equally minimal application operation. The higher the performance of your computer, better speed AbashBoard!

A license includes:

  • AbashBoard
  • Serial Number for 1 PC (Unlimited)
  • Software updates
  • Support and assistance
Everything just 9,99$

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