Founder & CEO

Telematic engineering student at the Kore University of Enna. Personally takes care of all in :HanSolaris Group. From application’s graphic to web management, from the codes to marketing and so much more.

Giorgio Grasso
Manager Developers

Professional developer specialized in software architecture and web applications. Leaders developer and project coordinator for :HanSolaris Group. He guarantees the quality in all our products.

Alessio Dionisi


Student specialized in math and statistics. Develops codes and works on application’s usability and flexibility. Also contributes to project planning.

Riccardo Teodori

The Group
It’s a italian group that has extensive experience in software design and guarantees the use of cutting edge technologies and methodologies, created by computer perversity of the mind of the founder Giorgio Grasso that decides to give vent to his revolutionary ideas and innovative in the field software and open source in order to revolutionize the software world. 
 :HanSolaris Group was founded on 5 June 2007 by Giorgio Grasso, was a group of young fans to the games online that decided to deal with online services and database management that immediately distinguished himself in the field as one of the most innovative and revolutionary group who had made ​​history part of the gameserver.

Policy today is different, based on database management services online, :HanSolaris Group, a supporter of Free Software, deals mainly programming software and web with innovative projects studied the need of new Web 3.0 user!