It’s our watchword of our community who work every day. We know how difficult it is safe surfing online and it is precisely for this reason that we need all the help you can.

FireWeb is an open source, anyone can get the source code and increase new security packages. In short, a web browser created and powered by the web! Do you think there may be something safe?

It has a graphical interface developed entirely by the team :HanSolaris Group, completely innovative and intuitive interface that revolutionizes the concept of browsers and makes unique your online experience. You would have never imagined being able to navigate in this way?
Our team always works to make innovations increasingly close and accessible to users. Precisely for this reason that FireWeb is one of the best browser to surf the web sites designed in HTML5 and have access to an infinity of web applications. All online tests show his performances!
It’s a free software developed by an open community that works to create a browser for you, simple and unique, designed for your needs! This is a project developed in C#.Net and Cocoa, based on libraries of the world’s fastest web engine: WebKit!