• Tuesday



    Transferring to new server

    It inform you that :HanSolaris Group has decided to invest in infrastructur on which all systems running in order to improve the quality of services and performance. This is an important change that will impact significantly on the reliability of our systems and the versatility of development for new projects. Therefore,...

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  • Friday



    Improvements to the website

    Today we have made improvements to our systems. We have implemented new dynamics functions of notification and we have been corrected errors who presented themselves during a real time conversation on :HanSolaris Messenger. In addition, improvements have been made graphics to enhance the experience of navigation and facilitate...

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  • Saturday



    Case heartbleed

    OpenSSL is used by many sites and software: servers like Apache and nginx open source email servers, the servers for chats, and even VPN network applications. The vulnerability, dubbed Heartbleed Bug exists on all implementations that use the OpenSSL extension Heartbeat. When used on a vulnerable server allows access to...

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  • Wednesday



    :HanSolaris Messenger Beta

    An indispensable tool for communication between users. A web application designed entirely by our team, with the exclusive innovation and simplicity that allows you to live a new experience that only we know give. A new free service, fast, secure, powerful and available to all. Already available starting today in beta that...

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